Ioannis Triantafyllakis wins six-digit amount in Irish Poker Open

One of the most important tournaments in the United Kingdom, the Irish Poker Open c1d805a134brings together poker professionals and ambitious amateurs.

The main event is the highlight of this competition and with a buy-in of €3500, only the best ones can afford to take a seat at the tables.

This year, no fewer than 321 players found it worthwhile to participate and among them there were prominent players such as Dan Harrington and Mike Sexton.

These were the recipients of prominent awards and have won millions of dollars over the Internet and poker room such as PKR, but also at live tables. Unfortunately for them, none managed to survive the bubble stage and had to settle for the thrills of participating in an important competition.

Steve O’Dwyer was far more successful as he finished in the 16th place, yet the final table was dominated by Kevin Keeley. He was one of the four Irishmen who made it this far and also the most aggressive one.

During the final stage of the competition, the audience was cheering loudly for Donnacha O’Dea who is widely regarded as a legend and one of the best Irish poker players.

Together with Kevin, he made three handed play and locked horns with Greece’s Ioannis Triantafyllakis. The latter had the deeper stack and he had no problem in consolidating his position, to dictate the terms of the deal after O’Dea was eliminated in the third-place.

The remaining two players discussed the potential agreement immediately after they realized that they were the last men standing.

They were evenly matched and it was simply too risky for them to press on and they found it wiser to split the money and only play for glory. In the end when they shoved their chips in the middle, it was the Irishman who started as favorite but his luck ran out on the flop when his opponent hit a pair.

At the end of the day, they were both happy with the outcome as together they won in excess of €400,000, more than the other six finalists combined.

Check out the list below for the complete standings and the corresponding paychecks.

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